You have a LinkedIn account, but you still don’t really know what LinkedIn can do for you – am I right? With constant design updates and algorithm changes, how can you make sure your LinkedIn profile is actually contributing to business growth?

Whoever you are, in whatever business and industry, I hate to break it to you, but you can’t let your old profile page sit there gathering digital dust any longer. LinkedIn is now a business necessity, but it’s tough finding the time to devote to it.

If you’re a solopreneur, you’re focussed on the business, not on promoting the business. I know how you feel, I was once in your shoes. I also know that when you don’t have a big team behind you, you need to be able to prioritise and invest smart in order for your business to be effective, e.g. how to save time networking.

If you’re an employed professional, whether you work in sales or operations, if your knowledge, skills and experience aren’t adequately reflected on LinkedIn, you could be missing out on business and/or employment opportunities. 

If you’re in Marketing or in charge of HRLinkedIn can empower you and your colleagues to boost your own professional profiles while improving brand visibility and team morale.

In this blog post, I explain what LinkedIn can do for you if you invest in the right LinkedIn Training…


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What LinkedIn can do for you

LinkedIn has become the world’s largest network for business professionals. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, LinkedIn makes it very easy for you to connect with like-minded business professionals (and potential customers) in your industry.

But don’t just take my word for it. I interviewed Culture & Change Management Consultant Michelle Holland on Be The Drop  recently, who said she owes her business growth almost entirely to LinkedIn. 

And here are a few more reasons why you should start prioritising LinkedIn today:

  1. The LinkedIn community is not about friends or followers, it’s about business connections. LinkedIn members actually want to hear about your business, and are supportive of other business professionals.
  2. LinkedIn professionals are likely to be decision makers in their business and your connection with the right person could mean real business growth and sales leads.
  3. LinkedIn search makes it easier than ever to find ideal candidates for consulting, contracting, and other work opportunities. Make sure you appear in search results!

Trust me, LinkedIn is the social network for B2B and should be a central pillar of your marketing strategy. Not only that, but your HR strategy and content strategy too.

Does your LinkedIn profile measure up? Click here to find out.

The real B2B winners today are the brands that have an ongoing, well thought-out LinkedIn Employee Engagement Program (LEEP) in place.

If you’re not sure what LinkedIn employee engagement is, how you can use it to boost staff retention, or maximise the marketing reach of your small business, we explain in more detail in these blog posts:

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But do I really need LinkedIn Training?

The short answer is yes. But I reckon some of you are still hoping you can wing it. You’re thinking:  How hard can it be? I’ve managed pretty well by myself so far!

And I don’t blame you! There are some excellent free resources out there, like YouTube and the LinkedIn Blog, where you can rummage around for tips and tricks.

But because that’s a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack, we’ve done the research for you and put together a LinkedIn Training (Beginners) blog post series that provides some of that guidance for free.

But part of running a business or managing a team is understanding that other people have expertise that you don’t, and being able to ask for help when you need it.

Magician, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Vinh Giang, says:

“When we’re not willing to spend to get people to help us, that’s when we get into trouble.”

So, here’s why an investment in LinkedIn Training is worth your time and money.

What will I learn?

  • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile and boost your LinkedIn SEO

It’s important that you and your staff each have a complete and professional-looking profile. We provide  step-by-step guidance on completing the main sections, including proven ways to improve your LinkedIn SEO, ensuring your profile is visible in search results.

  • The art of LinkedIn networking

The larger your personal networks, the greater chance your brand has of reaching new target audiences. Strategies to increase your personal networks are provided.

  • How to sell yourself professionally and develop thought-leadership

Explaining why a target customer should choose you over the next LinkedIn profile that pops up in search is a daunting task for many. We provide an easy to follow process for uncovering the key components of your professional uniqueness, and provide feedback to participants.

  • Improve brand visibility and reach of company content

LinkedIn is a content platform, so we demonstrate what activity is going to ensure your brand’s content goes further.

  • How to create economy of scale with a LinkedIn Employee Engagement Program

Fully integrated digital strategies can be prohibitively expensive; we show you what LinkedIn can do for you and your business through the implementation of a LinkedIn employee engagement program, providing real business growth at a fraction of the cost.

In exchange for your commitment, you can expect the following results:

  1. Improved SEO and brand visibility
  2. Positioning as an industry thought-leader
  3. A strong referral network
  4. Increased sales leads opportunities
  5. To attract the right customers and staff

Learn what LinkedIn can do for you by investing in training!

Bespoke Company Training Package:

If you want to find out what LinkedIn can do for you in a hands-on facilitated training that is tailored to your business, this is the one for you…

Tailored workshop for up to 10 people.

• Tailored to your business goals and industry

• Profile review and feedback for each participant

• At your workspace or LIVE via Skype

• Includes: Video recording of the session • Easy to use workbook • Post workshop online support

DIY Training Package:

If you want to know what LinkedIn can do for you via a click-now learn-later training, this is the one for you…

Self-guided LinkedIn video + eBook training.

• Convenient instant access download

• Affordable and insightful, adapted from tried and tested face-to-face LinkedIn tutorials

• Includes: Easy to follow video tutorials and workbook  Access to our LinkedIn Support Group

To find out what LinkedIn can do for you and your business, contact us today!