Want to improve your storytelling skills?

Our audio + video training will help.

Want to improve your storytelling skills?

We can teach you!

Podcast and Video Training – from idea to finished product


Like many business owners and marketing professionals, you want to create content that captures your audience’s attention quickly and inspires them to take action.

We’ve met lots of people who want us to make professional podcast and video content, but their budget is limited or they want to make regular, timely videos. When it comes to creating timely engaging content, sometimes instead of hiring a full production crew the best thing to do is get you and your team up to date with podcast and video training.

Our corporate training solutions are designed to get results whatever the size of the organisation. We’ve created different podcast and video training packages to make better content, faster. We want to help you feel equipped and empowered to smash your targets by learning tricks of the trade from the video and audio experts!

Video Training

Does this sound familiar?


You need to make content, but your first DIY attempts don’t quite tell your story the way you want.


You want customers to remember your message, but don’t know how to grab their attention like the big brands.


You have dreamt of starting a podcast or video series, but the cost seems prohibitive and technology is intimidating.


You had some content made by someone in the past but you wish you could have had more input in the process.

That’s where we at Narrative Marketing come in.

We give you the opportunity to learn from a team who will help avoid the mistakes we make when starting out, so you can go from not knowing what a record button looks like to creating engaging visual or audio stories!

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Take the next step in growing your business with podcast and video content provided by Amelia and the team at Narrative Marketing.

Are you sure I can really learn to create my own captivating content?


Of course! Education is a long-term investment. The time you put in and the courage you build to move past creative and technological roadblocks will pay off in dividends. The training provided by Narrative Marketing is tailored to your goals and provides the skills needed to reach and engage audiences.

The training topics include:


The importance and benefits of video or podcast content in your marketing mix.


The possible options and outcomes available for creating your own content.


Essential goal setting and plans to create fantastic content. Planning is critical to success!


Recommended equipment to make your video pop and your audio crystal clear at any price range.


An introduction to basic audio/video editing techniques and important industry terminology.

The skills we teach through audio and video training have helped libraries, small businesses, schools and many others share their story through professional video and/or a podcast content they made themselves.

We want to help you too!

Podcast Training