We recently launched our Be The Drop Podcast and as part of this, we also filmed the interviews, instead of just recording an audio interview. Whilst we were at it, we took a number of photo’s as well! This may seem like overkill but it provides content that covers a range of consumptions options, which increases our touch points for potential connection with our community. Today I explain why video for a podcast as well as launching our video from episode 1, with Andre Eikmeier

Talking tribes with Andre Eikmeier – Podcast Episode 1

The decision to create video alongside our podcast was a very deliberate decision. Whilst it is clearly more challenging and expensive than just an audio recording, we chose to do so becasue we are passionate about creating a community through easy to access content. We have experienced time and time again that people consume content in very different ways – for one person a podcast might be perfect, for another the message simply wouldn’t land and a video is the key to connecting with them.

We took this information into account when planning how to communicate the first season of Be The Drop, and decided that each episode required a corresponding blog (written), video (visual) and podcast (audio) alongside photography and a quote from each of our guests. This way, we ensure that all our community members are catered for, and the message will be received as best it can.

How are you ensuring your messages are hitting the mark with your community? It’s your responsibility to make this happen!

The key for us was ensuring that the messages across all platforms are consistent and that by engaging with each, you can get to the crux of the message quickly and simply. Remember, being able to communicate with your community in the way THEY want to communicate to is key to connections that will build and grow your business.

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Enjoy! Amelia xx

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