Individually Kristen & Katherine are both empowered, fierce and wholehearted women. Together, they are near on unstoppable. They joined forces one short year ago, creating The Own It Project and have since become renowned personal brand ambassadors. They have experienced what it takes to be bold and trust in themselves, and they fervently believe that we each hold the power to change your own world. Now, they are embark on their newst #Ownit Project offering, they are here to share their top tips for taking control and changing the world you live in. Right now.


Know what you’re responsible for

Taking stock of where you’re at right now in business and in life is the MOST important thing to enable you to move forward. The girls talk about how important this is to give you a good sense of where you’re ACTUALLY at – sometimes this can be different to where you think you’re at. This is always the first step. If you need a hand with this, reach out – that’s where these ladies can help.

Seek out and learn from those who have done it

It’s a falacy to think that you must have all the answers to make significant change in your life. Even Katherine and Kristen understand that between them they too don’t have all the answers – this is where their ever evolving team of mentors come in. They have saught out people from all walks of life with different stories to tell to join forces and spread the self development word. It’s important to give yourself the space to let others in to help. We are always more powerful with company.

Own It.

As their naem suggests these powerful and inspirational women are all about empowering you to own your own life. Giving you the confidence to tackle whatever it is you’re experiencing head on and with an absolute surity in your own ability. This is such a powerful gift to give someone, and if you’re in business and wanting to make an impact this is a sure fire place to start. Can you inspire the workmate next to you to be 10% better today? Can you challenge your company to operate more efficiently? Can you support your partner or best friend to face a problem they’ve been stuck on for a while? This is the power of owning your situation – and the cool thing, it doesn’t cost a thing.

In this episode of Be The Drop Podcast we look at understanding the power of who you are and owing that responsibility. The two simple words own it are incredible powerful for this dynamic pair and their community.  Through their business, The Own It Project they share real life experiences, bringing back old fashion life lessons, to support and inspire others. Supported by a range of mentors who are also passionate about helping others, these ladies are uniting their community through the sharing of real life stories. Through genuine care and whole lot of drive, they are busy motivating a generation to make a change, to make a positive difference in their life. Listen to their episode to help you find a positive mindset.

About Kristen & Katherine

Kristen is colourful and motivated. She has worked in the brand, marketing and design world for over 10 years, working for some major companies within South Australia. Her love of life is infectious. Katherine is a driven and hard working. She has worked within the Health and Fitness world for over 5 years, working with people from all walks of life.

Together Katherine and Kristen are determined to build a generation of positive people through their programs – The Own It Project in Schools, The Warrior Program and their various Own It Workshops. They share a passion to assist people in improving their physical and mental health in a holistic way.

When these women work together – big things happen!


In next week’s episode of Be The Drop podcast, I interview Jimmy Niggles, Beard Season Ambassador helping fight the good fight against melanoma in Australia’s men.

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