James Cridland from Podnews Talks Podcasting Trends

The latest ‘Podnews’ With James Cridland

Podcasting is the storytelling revolution that empowers the everyday person with the opportunity to create and share their own audio content.t. We all have something to say, but the challenge is to create good content that gets attention in today’s media climate. As a podcast producer, Podnews, is my number 1 resource to help navigate the world of podcasting.

James Cridland, the editor of Podnews, is a radio futurologist and podcast industry expert, giving commentary and influencing the trajectory of podcasting to keep it in the hands of the people. In publishing his daily news source and podcast resource, James has helped thousands of podcasters find their way in an ever-changing industry.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, James explains the importance of publicly operated media and how to improve the content and popularity of your podcast. Backed by useful statistics and insights, James lends his expertise to answer burning questions of creators and provide useful tips to help share their passions effectively.

This episode was recorded LIVE at the Podcast Trends Presentation in Adelaide. 


If you’re looking to keep up to date with latest podcasting trends I whole-heartedly recommend subscribing to Podnews – you can access the site via this link or head to podnews.net in your web browser.


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Amelia Veale

Amelia Veale

Amelia is the Chief Storyteller at Narrative Marketing. She has a passion for improving brand connection for brands and their customers, through story.