Storytelling For Business

Unlock the power of storytelling to inspire your tribe and fuel your business.
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Is your business language bland?
Are you overwhelmed or uninspired by your content and communications?
Do you feel like you’re saying the same thing over and over again to no effect?
Then you’re in the right place!
We give you the right tools to…
Develop strong
brand messaging
Be brave with your use of story to develop a personality and purpose for your brand. Inject new energy into your business through the power of storytelling.
Create a positive
sales experience
Create positive sales energy without the cringe factor, and avoid ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’. Understand how your brand story interacts with your sales process.
Write a killer
About Us page
Turn your learnings into an About Us page that grabs your customers’ attention and makes them want to find out more. Be proud of your brand story and let it shine through your website.
Tried and tested tips from business storytelling experts:
  • Discovering your WHY, the heart of your business story
  • Weaving your customer’s story into your own
  • Storytelling techniques to facilitate your sales process
  • A step by step process for writing a killer About Us page
  • Examples, resources, worksheets and processes for you to use
You will discover:
  • How storytelling works as an effective way to communicate information
  • Real examples of brands using storytelling in their business to great effect
  • How to develop your sales mindset and language
  • Why your About Us page is the most important on your website
  • The art of storytelling to supercharge your business
How the program is delivered:

The program material is delivered via email over the course of a week. Once you sign up, you will receive an email welcoming you to the program and outlining what you can expect. Every day for the rest of the week, you will receive an email covering a new module of the program.

  1. Storytelling to inspire your tribe + fuel your business
  2. Clarifying your WHY
  3. Your customer’s story
  4. Storytelling and sales
  5. Writing a killer About Us page

Worksheets and tools will be provided with the emails. Make sure you download and save them. It’s up to you whether you complete the program in real time as the material is sent to you, or whether you save it for completion at a later date. We will provide details of how you can access online support, discuss with your peers, and receive further information should you need it.

We’ve designed this supportive and value-packed free program to help you get creative and strategic about brand storytelling. We look forward to helping you inspire and grow with business storytelling!

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