Story marketing helps your
business story stand out

To be successful in business, you need to make an impression, so your customers remember you. That’s where Story Marketing comes in!

Competing businesses, multiple communication channels and an ever increasing bombardment of content. This is why getting cut through with your marketing messages can be hard.

You’ve been told you need to share your unique selling point or differentiating proposition, but how do you do this without sounding like a generic sales pitch? You’ve tried getting people’s attention but it keeps falling on deaf ears.

We hear you! There is an answer which doesn’t involve complicated marketing jargon, obnoxious catchphrases, or complicated funnels. 

And the answer is story marketing:


Humanises your brand


Is about people not products


Inspires your target audience


Encourages engagement and interaction


Demonstrates how your business is unique


Incorporates video and audio storytelling


Is essential for bottom-line success

“Brand storytelling is no longer a nice to have. It is a need to have


Stories evoke powerful emotions, inspire change, motivate action and teach us lessons. Story marketing is the process of sharing your business purpose, clearly articulating what problems you solve, so that people will get to know, like and trust you. When they do this, your customers will understand where and how you fit within their lives and ultimately, buy from you.  

Our goal at Narrative Marketing, is to use storytelling principles to help you craft your business stories to connect with your customers. When you tell your story with an honest and open message, it avoids the use of industry jargon and simplifies your story in plain English. It creates genuine connection that sells, without people feeling like they are being sold to. 

The best part of story marketing is that no two stories are the same. Your story is unique, and your potential customers deserve to hear it. At Narrative Marketing, we help capture the heart of your story and share it through professional video  or podcasts that are captivating and inspiring.

Now is the time to be heard. It’s time to increase customer engagement. To grow your business. It’s time to tell your story.

Now is the time to grow your business by sharing your story.