SouthStart was back with a bang in 2018 – successful in their mission to unite, connect and recognise amazing people doing incredible things. Across the 2 day conference, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and innovators came together in a celebration of people, ideas and technology. An exciting opportunity for startups to unite in their passion for shaping our future – it was eye opening to hear where some of these new directions could take us.

Live from SouthStart, I speak to three people heavily involved in this space. Alex McCauley, CEO of not-for-profit organisation, StartupAus, has deep insight into technology startups in Australia, from policy to current success stories. Jason Neave, director of the Moonshine Laboratory, the organising body behind Southstart, has many years of experience in marketing and has launched his own sports-betting startup. Craig Swann, The Moonshine Labs Entrepreneur in residence, played a key role in coordinating the SouthStart conference.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Alex, Jason, and Craig discuss the importance of events like Southstart, we look at the future landscape for startups in Australia and they share advice for getting support along your startup journey. 

SouthStart: The Future of Australian Startups

“Success is not celebrated as much as it should be, and failure is definitely not celebrated. Yet failure is a huge part of growing and learning” – Craig Swann

Listen now to the SouthStart full episode:

In this episode with Alex McCauley, Jason Neave, and Craig Swann LIVE from Southstart, you will learn:

  • What the future of the Australian economy could look like
  • The benefits of startup hubs and exciting prospects for Adelaide and “Lot 14”
  • This history and importance of Southstart
  • Why networking with other startups is crucial to learning
  • How Adelaide competes on a global scale in technology, and what’s available to future startups
  • Why we should be comfortable with the process of starting a business
  • How community and human connection is still important for independent startups

“Over a 10 year period in Australia, 1.4 million jobs were created by companies less than 5 years old, and 400,000 jobs were shed by companies over 5 years old.” – Alex McCauley

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