What happens when a lineup of talented South Australian female change-makers present to room of over 100 passionate business women? The ground shakes (literally there was an earthquake), the room is electric and attendees leave with their heads buzzing full of ideas and inspiration! That’s exactly what happened at Sass Summit 2017 on Friday 10th February at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Now in its third year, Sass Summit has gotten bigger each year. I had the absolute privilege of being MC at this incredible event, with the honour of introducing many wonderful female speakers. Whilst there, I also recorded a number of live interviews for today’s episode of Be The Drop, in which we discuss the value of community for women in business, advice on how to be a female change-maker and what it means to give women permission to rise and thrive together…Carly_Amelia_Sass_Summit_BTD.jpg

Carly Thompson-Barry, Sass Place Founding Director with Amelia Veale 

Rise and thrive together.

Keynote speaker, Lucy Cornes nailed it when she said that through Sass Place, Carly has created something really special by “giving women women permission to rise and thrive together in a really supportive, non judgemental space.” The importance of this safe space was echoed by both other speakers and women in attendance. There was a huge sense of solidarity and an understanding that this support is incredibly valuable in helping women to reach their potential, together.

Listen Be The Drop live at Sass Summit 2017 – please note, these interviews where recorded at the event, so include background noises – we were in a a room with lots of passionate women networking!

How to be a female change-maker.

In her keynote speech titled She In The Mirror, Lucy Cornes, Founder of She Shopped talked about women’s competitive advantage to redefine what success looks like – to be successful but not pay the price by redefining what it actually means to be successful. For me, I think this is the definition of being a female change-maker. As women we can change the measure if success by valuing compassion, nurturing and support within the competitive business environment.

Advice on how to be a female change maker included:
“Be authentic. Know what your light is and be confident to let it shine.” Dr Carla Brion, SA Integrated Therapies
“Love yourself, be a risk taker, go after those things that make you come alive and don’t question that.” Jess Kaucz, See Me Roar

“Run your own race, don’t get caught up in what your competition is doing. Stick to your own goals.” Nicole Bailey, Your Party Plannery

The value of a female focused community.

Nicole Bailey summarised the incredible value of being a part of a supportive business community by saying “when you first start a small business, you feel a bit lost, like you are on your own. Community makes you feel like you have place, there is somewhere for you and other people to talk to.” Being part of something that allows you to share your strengths whilst encouraging others provides mutual benefits on your business journey.

Jess Kaucz from See Me Roar shared the value the Sass community has had on her business “Being part of Sass I have learned about my talent and my skills and how with these, I am different. I saw other people taking risks in their business and I thought – I want to do that! Sass gave me the courage to explore that and take my business to where it is today.”

About Sass Place.

Opened in 2014, Sass Place is dedicated to supporting South Australian female changemakers, it provides a range of services to enhance, support and encourage women to bring their dreams to life across Four Locations.

Including Coworking, Room Hire, Online Community, Events, Creche facilities  and 1:1 Mentoring. Sass Summit is just one of the events coordinated by Sass Place, to find out more check out their website sassplace.com.au


Thank you again for tuning in and listening to the BTD podcast, I can’t wait for this next installment to bring you more inspiring people talking about their strategies for connecting with and building a positive community.

Amelia xx


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