Juliet Lever believes in second chances. In fact, her entire business is built around them. After turning her life around – quitting her high paying corporate job, leaving her husband, and totally transforming who she was – within a 12 month timeframe, Juliet now coaches others on how to let go of the past and renew their life. 

Her book, Relaunch My Life, shares the story of her own personal journey, and it’s also a reference manual for her and her clients as she guides them through their own transformational journeys.  

In today’s episode of business podcast Be The Drop, Juliet talks about getting a second chance at life, the power of story to connect with people, and the harsh reality of going from a six figure salary to starting a small business


Any communication is better than no communication. Just get online, be authentic, and connect. Embrace your imperfections. 

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Listen to this episode to hear Juliet Lever chat about knowing your worth when starting a business, and powerful ways to connect with your community:


In this episode you will learn:

  • How to find the courage to make huge life changes
  • The power of story to connect with people
  • The immediate impact of Facebook Live 
  • How to use personal story to build community
  • The natural progression from personal journey to business journey

I can be of most service to people when I’m connecting with my truth.

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I loved chatting to Juliet about encouraging people, whether in life or in business, to appreciate their worth. At Narrative Marketing, we deliver business training and workshops on how to Know Your Value, and other areas of importance when starting a business, like How To Build Loyalty, Increase Engagement, Tell Your Brand Story, and Market Yourself WellSend us a message on Facebook if you’d like more information.

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I can’t wait for the next installment to bring you more of the best marketing strategies for small business, and tips to make you a better brand storyteller.

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Amelia xx

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