Making a living as an entertainer in any field is challenging, as a professional magician the opportunities to do so are very limited. To be successful in this field requires patience, discipline and resilience; plus maybe a pinch of magic!

Matt Tarrant is one of Australia’s leading magicians and mentalists. Matt has sold out at the Adelaide Fringe Festival for the last six years, and his shows have won a stack of awards. His shows are packed with interactive, engaging magic and mind-blowing mentalism. 

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Matt shares the highs, lows and lessons he’s learned from building a business model as a professional magician. He also explains why an important element of his business is to help nurture and support emerging performers.

Build a business as a professional magician with Matt Tarrant

“You have to trust yourself, give it a shot, but know that sometimes it works, and sometimes it goes poorly.”

Listen now to the full episode:

In this episode on building a business as a professional magician, you will learn:

  • Why connection to your audience is the key to creating lasting impression
  • What’s involved in being a successful performer and mentor
  • How to establish rapport with your audience 
  • The importance of supporting others – see the Matt’s Emerging Performer’s Grant
  • The challenges of creating online engagement
  • How to deal with criticism and bad reviews for you business and your mental health
  • How Matt used social media to build his profile
  • Coping methods for high risk ventures

“I was surrounded by people who were happy but could be happier doing something else. I wondered why they weren’t following their dreams, then looked at myself and realised I was the same. Starting off is the hardest part.”

Matt Tarrant, Professional Magician and Amelia Veale, Storyteller


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Want more? Join our FREE Facebook Group where we provide tools and resources to help you supercharge your digital storytelling content.

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