As a long term lover of podcasting, and a podcaster myself, it is incredibly exciting to see a recent spate of news articles declaring “The Golden Age of Podcasts”. But what is all this podcast buzz about and why am I advocating that now is the time to consider including podcasts in your marketing mix? I came across this pithy description of podcasts from the New Yorker “…the podcast: on-demand audio that a listener can download and play while commuting or exercising or, given the right equipment, showering.”

Whilst an entertaining description, it hits on what I believe is the most powerful aspect of communication via podcast in 2019 – the words “on-demand”. As consumers, we want content on demand, tailored to our interests, and accessible at any time we want it. Like many people, I can’t remember the last time I watched commercial TV. The accessibility of on-demand content via Netflix, without ads and tailored to my crazy work / mum / fifo wife schedule; has seen the death-knell for me and ol’school TV. As these ‘on-demand consumer desires’ increase, so too has the popularity of podcasts.

Amelia Podcasting Interview

As quoted by Chartable, in their recent “Gold Age of Podcasts” post “In late January, CBS News conducted a survey of US listeners in January 2019 showing an increase of people listening to podcasts daily or a few times a week from 15% to 23%. That represents 20 million more frequent podcast listeners in the US alone—a 50% relative jump over the previous year.” These are significant audience numbers and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. This is reassuring news for marketers in the wake of falling user numbers for three of the big social media platforms, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter; who all reported declining user number in 2018.  

Podcasting data is also positive and on the rise on our home turf here in Australia. “The popularity of podcasts is on the rise, with Australians listening to more podcasts more often…” according to The ABC’s third annual Podcast Survey. Australians are following trends set in both the US + UK which have both seen exponential growth in podcast popularity over the past few years.

I started my podcast, Be The Drop in 2016, as I have a passion for storytelling and the sharing of knowledge through other people’s stories. My aim was to help my listeners implement change in their life and in business, through sharing stories from my guests – who through success or challenges – have changed theirs. The feedback from my listeners over my three year journey has been humbling and kind; I am achieving this aim.

My podcast is also a powerful tool to help build brand awareness for both myself and my business, Narrative Marketing. I have received referrals and connections through people who have heard my podcast, these are warm leads, that come to me. It has also added a whole new service arm to my marketing services, most recently, I have had the incredible opportunity to work with the iconic Adelaide Fringe to produce the Adelaide Fringe Podcast.

So through my personal podcasting experience, I have definitely seen both business and personal rewards. It hasn’t been all beer and skittles; I have worked really hard to regularly, every Monday release a podcast episode. We have a saying in the office, that we need to make sure we “avoid chasing Monday’s” which refers to the serious content commitment required for a small team to release a weekly episode, week after week.

And now, in 2019, I am experiencing the most interest and engagement I’ve ever received for both my podcast and about podcasting in general. The frequency for which I get enquiries about podcasting has gone from very low (none) in 2016, to regular and constant in 2019. Audiences are intrigued and engaged, they’re excited by the platform, so now is absolutely the time to be sharing your messages via podcasting.  

Podcasting: the time is now.

If you’ve got any questions or feedback about this blog, I’d love to hear your comments! Considering starting your own podcast? At Narrative Marketing, we deliver a full range of podcast production services. Or if you’d like help getting started to produce your own content, I also deliver podcast training programs.

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Amelia xx

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