Waking up from a 3 week coma puts life into a different perspective. When the fragility of life becomes obvious, we are motivated to make major changes in our life. Why should we waste time doing things that make us unhappy and don’t provide us with personal growth?

Rohan Harry is a comedian and podcaster who had such an experience. After working in IT and begrudgingly working the grind, he found himself waking up from a 3 week coma, paralyzed from the waist down. Given the new challenges of trying to walk again, Rohan found new perspective on goal setting, and his life aspirations.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Rohan publicly discusses a period of his life never discussed publicly before, giving us insights into methods used to overcome challenges of the body and mind. Rohan and I also talk about the power of storytelling, and how starting a podcast was the best way Rohan could share his story, whilst developing his comedic and interpersonal skills on his personal growth journey.

Discussing Personal Growth With Rohan Harry


“Podcasting became my therapy, my mantra was ‘just tell your story’, and eventually it involved other people.”

Listen now to the full episode:

In this episode on personal growth, you will learn:

  • What reasons are effective motivations for goal setting
  • Why content creation should be a discipline for artists
  • How to be authentic in your actions and words
  • How to navigate plateaus in personal growth progress
  • Coping methods in the face of life changing events
  • What perspectives are useful when the big picture is overwhelming
  • Why patience and celebrating small victories is a habit we should try adapting
  • How storytelling and sharing with others is a great resource for healing and growing

“We get addicted to the feedback, but when you create content for its own sake, you’re not distracted and you can create amazing content.”


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Amelia xx

Want more? Join our FREE Facebook Group where we provide tools and resources to help you supercharge your digital storytelling content.

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