Taking the step from loving podcasts to actually creating one required investigation, education and a fair old dose of persistence! Be The Drop fuses together my passion for communication that connects with the exciting audio world of podcasts – my perfect match! 

I am incredibly excited that after nearly two years of dreaming, scheming and hard work, next week we will launch Episode 0.1, to introduce my weekly podcast, Be The Drop!  Today I reflect on the path that lead me to this point and the awesome people who have helped me to realise this dream. Because no journey happens in isolation and waterfalls begin with just one drop.


How to make a podcast? 

Like many people, I was introduced to the world of podcasts in 2014 via the Serial podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig. Immediately, I was hooked! From there I loved the flexibility of picking a topic of interest, downloading episodes and then listening whenever and wherever that suited. Plus there are podcasts about any topic you can possibly imagine – and then some. An idea blossomed, how amazing would it be to create my own podcast? As a marketer and someone who loves to talk, surely it wouldn’t be that hard… hmmm that was a bit like how before I’d had children, I used to say I’d like to have twins!!

So my research began! In my online searches on podcasts I came across a website EOFire Entrepreneurs on Fire by John Lee Dumas, linked to his podcast of the same name. The website is amazing – there is a free podcast training course on the site which offers insane value through really useful and insightful information sharing. If you are thinking about creating a podcast, it is absolute worth checking out, as is his podcast. John Lee’s website really opened my eyes to the layers of detail required to create a podcast, so I went about seeking out more – including a trip to San Francisco to attend Social Media Marketing World 2015 where I actually got to meet John Lee and his equally awesome partner Kate!!! 

Meeting them was a rock-star moment – I was shaking!!! 

This cemented the fact that I wanted to do this properly, so I decided to invest time and money in creating a podcast that I could be passionate about and that would deliver value to my listeners. 

The support crew

Fast forward two years from the birth of my podcast dream; my marketing business continues to grow and I now have three absolutely incredible and amazingly talented part time staff; the A-Team. This high energy crew made up by Kristen, Becchara and James have helped support the Narrative Marketing journey whilst bringing fun to all that we do. I am constantly impressed by them and love that we can mix having a good time with doing an awesome job. 


“We believe, when people unite for a common goal, the future

is filled with infinite possibilities.”

It’s through the support of my team that I have been able to create this podcast and all it’s supporting material. Juggling this with our client workload was not something I could do alone. I have also had amazing support from Brad Griffin + Chris Warman who have both helped with filming and audio capture for the podcast.

Podcast guests + Courage

Next week when we launch, you will find out specific details about Be The Drop podcast. Before launch, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the incredibly motivational, generous and all-round awesome people who volunteered their time to participate in interviews for my podcast. With nothing more than my word to go on, they agreed to be filmed, recorded, and photographed whilst sharing their communication insights with me. I feel honoured and privileged to be able to introduce them to you each week. I hope I do them justice and that they feel the time was worthwhile – and I hope you agree!! 

I feel a wonderful sort of energy mixed with tinges of anxiousness at the thought of putting my content ‘out there’. I have been releasing content for years but behind the veil of other brands or businesses. This time the content is from me, on a topic that is so very important to me – human connection through communication; fundamental not just in marketing but also in life. I really can’t wait to share it with you!