Sitting down with James ‘Nutty Nutorious’ Sideris was a mouth water affair. When he sat down across the table and placed a coconut, raspberry, dark chocolate and macadamia muffin topped with toasted meringue and literal bounty injection stabbed into it, between us – we were off to a flying start. Breaking this bad boy open and learning more about James, what inspires him, what inspires his community and how he came to have almost 20,000 Instagram followers made for an enthralling hour. When you listen to this podcast, it seems only right that you head out (for those living in Sydney – sorry rest of Australia!) and grab one of James’ tasty treats. It will make the whole experience that little sweeter…. 

In this episode we talk about…

the power of social media and instagram in particular

baking what inspires him, and selling that – cafe’s and fan’s never know what they are going to get.

What inspires him

dealing with haters around his syringe chocolate injections.

giving people what they want, and not skimping out on quality or excess.


About James.

Known in the kitchen as Nutorious, to those close to him as ‘Nutty’ and for the rest…James Sideris. Infatuated with flavours and feasting both at home and abroad, Nutty is constantly creating and collaborating. His specialty? Baked Goods and a sh** load of good times. Mixing the old with the new or just perfecting the good old classic treats, each item is created with precision and the utmost care to make sure each bite, recipe or simply mouthwatering image was created with nothing left in the tank. 

Nutorious is about finding that balance between the healthy and the hearty, experimenting with the ‘good’ and the ‘not so good’. Don’t be fooled by the size, because I know what you’re thinking- no one trusts a skinny chef. Everything in moderation right? 

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Enjoy! Amelia xx

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