Caffeinating workplaces can be expensive, unsustainable, or, with the dreaded instant coffee, unpalatable! Nitro Cold Brew has become increasingly popular movement in the United States, and is now making waves in Australia. Using nitrogen gives the coffee a rich, creamy style without using any dairy and, I can personally verify, it tastes delicious!

Jordan Cortazzo is an entrepreneur and coffee connoisseur, who during his time as a barista and coffee bean merchant, was inspired to provide a better solution for office coffee. Deciding to developing his own nitro cold brew coffee, Jordan Co-Founded NOFO to provide offices with cold brew coffee on tap > think a beer keg but only with coffee!

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, I speak to Jordan about his journey from film school, to barista, through to starting his own business. Along the way, Jordan has learnt to overcome the challenges of taking innovative products to market, selling as a small business to large corporations, and the effort required to develop and test new products.

Learn about Nitro Cold Brew with Jordan Cortazzo

“Just because you don’t get a ‘yes’ initially, doesn’t mean it won’t mean yes later.”

Listen now to Jordan’s full episode – recorded LIVE at SouthStart:

In this Nitro Cold Brew inspired episode, you will learn:

  • That business opportunities can lie right under your nose
  • What’s involved in developing new products
  • How to be resilient in the face of rejection
  • Strategies to sell new products to businesses who don’t yet understand the benefits
  • Why you should embrace your own preferences instead of pleasing everyone
  • How courage in the face of failure, is integral to start-up success
  • How selling an experience is more influential than selling a product

“Person to person interactions, being genuine and honest in sales, is how businesses start.”

Jordan Cortazzo Explains Nitro Cold Brew

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