We have heard many times about the importance of building meaningful human connection. But what does it actually take for you to connect and be truly helpful to your community?

In episode 10 of Be The Drop podcast, Jim and Christina from Mr & Mrs Romance provide answers to these questions. They delve into what it takes for them to build strong and lasting relationships and how building trust plays such an important role in this. Here’s the scoop on how Mr & Mrs Romance keep their community connected and entertained.


Uniting and Bringing the Community Together 

Sharing a story through images and video is how Jim and Christina unite their community and it’s through these images they take people on the journey with them. The stories are a way to connect everyone. Jim is the writer, and they’ve found men are attracted to a blog written in a male voice. The evolution of their community is thanks to telling stories through images and using an authentic voice. It has also grown their community into what feels like a group of trusted friends.  

Being authentic works. Tell a genuine story and people will read it and come back for more and even take action. Honest information is fun.  

Trust, Authenticity, and Passion Creates a Community Connection 

Jim and Christina now have a larger platform to share their travel adventures, and they take the trust of their readership very seriously.

Trust is built through honest advice that is helpful and thorough. For them, seeing people come back to the site and share their own experiences of a place show them that they are connecting in a meaningful way.

Their community extends to the places they visit, and the small businesses they support through sharing their experiences within them. They love nothing more than knowing people are visiting these small and sometimes remote places because of a review they’ve uploaded. 

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Powerful storytelling comes about by playing to their personal strengths of Christina focusing on photography and Jim focusing on the blog writing; it’s what motivates readers to take action and follow their travel suggestions. They tell really good stories by expressing how they feel when they are in these places. The passion of their shared experiences is what people want to tap into and as such inspires Jim & Christina to continue to share their experiences. 

Kinship and Handling Negativity 

Having a positive mindset and sharing the results of the new adventure creates kinship in the community. When Jim blogs he imagines that he is blogging to a friend. Putting out positivity, they remain open minded and objective. In a way that creates a safe, but positive space. 

All about the blog

For Jim and Christina, the central component of their communication is their blog, but social media is where the engagement happens. The community likes to hang out on Instagram and Facebook and the social engagement on these platforms drives traffic back to the blog.  

Listen to the full podcast interview with Jim + Christina to hear how they connect with their community: 

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About Christina & Jim

Back in 2000 – on 15th September to be exact (it was a Friday) – two people met completely at random. Realising they shared many insights into the world around them, they decided to explore that world together and see just how accurate those insights really were. The good news is we’re still together and discovering more every day. 

Our key word is ‘together’ – that’s our secret to romance. Together we love to travel, to eat, to drink and most of all to laugh. Being serious is not one of our favourite pastimes, so please read our blog with the same smile on your face we have when we write it. In particular we love sharing our experiences. By its very nature, sharing makes people put in what they have to offer. We think it’s really important that if you have something to share, this is the place to do it.

We are Mr & Mrs Romance – or Jim and Christina to our friends.



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