Just as every morning, the sun comes up and expels the darkness, every new year we have the opportunity to forge ahead with positivity, to “draw a line” underneath any negative experiences the previous year held for us, to be mindful, take stock, turn outcomes into learnings or opportunities, and prepare ourselves for the future.

With that in mind, I’m kicking off 2021 with a special mindfulness podcast mini-series. This is about so much more than New Year’s Resolutions, people! It’s about equipping ourselves with the sort of tools and strong mindset that we probably wish we’d had several months ago when lockdown began. Keep reading to learn more.  

What’s this mindfulness podcast mini-series all about?

People have struggled through 2020 due to the external circumstances around us. This mini-series delivers four podcast episodes that help us reset, reboot and reframe 2021 by focusing our efforts internally to build strength in the areas of our lives that we can control.

My intent is to empower listeners with tools and skills, shared by the expert guests I interview, to help you feel confident and comfortable within yourself as we launch into a new year. 

I really hope that this podcast content makes a tangible difference for listeners. So I’ve also asked each guest to share a 1 page resource that listeners can download and use as a tool to help implement the strategies and ideas shared by each of the 4 guests in this mini-series. 

The weekly mini-series episodes will be released every Monday in January 2021. Find out more about what topics I dive into in his mindfulness podcast mini-series with my expert guests below.

2021 Reframed: BTD Podcast Mini-Series

Episode 1: The Power of Self Suggestion – Cherry Farrow

We begin the year and the podcast mini-series with the perfect guest to motivate you in setting (and achieving) your New Year’s Resolutions. NLP Master Trainer, Hypnotherapist and transformational speaker, Cherry Farrow helps us to master our own lives by first mastering our mindset.

“The words we use are a measurement system. Words gauge our experience.”

Download Cherry’s resource, The Power of Self Suggestion

Episode 2: Thrive: Align With Your Values – Nardia Renney

Next up, Leadership Coach and mentor, Nardia Renney is a transformation expert who has helped some of Australia’s most well-known executives change their lives. Nardia walks us through how to reflect on past experiences to become self-aware and determine your values, and then how to turn those new values into an actionable plan of activities.

“Values aren’t fixed & permanent things, they change. We need to look at what we learned from 2020 and take that into 2021 as new values.”

Download Nardia’s resource How To Live 2021 With Intention And Purpose

Episode 3: Discovering our Unbound Identity – Penny Hall

Forget Blue Monday, this week we dive into the insights of lifestyle and ego identity specialist, Penny Hall. Offering life strategy courses and coaching, Penny walks us through how we can discover our unbound identity. 

“I don’t need the four walls of my home to feel safe. First and foremost, I am my castle.”

Penny’s downloadable resource is LifeHack Guide: Testing the Life Real Deal will be available for download from Jan 18.

Episode 4: Money Mastery: The Mindset – Jess Giles

Hopefully, by this point, you’re feeling realigned and re-energised for 2021, and we finish off our mini-series with “Money Master”, Jess Giles, who provides invaluable tips for creating abundance and manifesting what you want. 

“Awareness is the first step to change.”

Jess’s downloadable resource Financial Freedom Playbook will be available for download from Jan 25.

Reframe, revitalise, enjoy!

The unrest and upheaval of 2020 hit many of us hard, and has demonstrated that a lot of the things we took for granted can easily be disrupted or taken away. This has been extremely unsettling. 

The ability to reframe and feel comfortable in unknown external conditions, by looking internally, is now more important than ever. It is possible, if we look within, to find safety, to find strength, to find everything the outside world is not giving us. This mindfulness podcast mini-series will equip you with the motivated mindset and tools you need to mould 2021 into your best year yet.

I hope you enjoy listening to the 2021 Reframed: Be The Drop Podcast Mini-Series as much as I enjoyed putting it together, and I sincerely hope that you can take something positive away from it and with you into the rest of 2021.

Amelia xx