Meeting expectations is something that can often cause people anxiety or stress. Some of the worst expectations are the unrealistic ones we place on ourselves in an attempt to ‘be successful’. However, there is no universal determination of success and therefore many of these expectations become unattainable. The challenge is therefore how to create our own definition of self worth and success.

Milly Toovey has battled with expectations throughout her life. Through her work for SACARE and side hustle MILCO, Milly is driven to help others. Having travelled and worked around the world, Milly has developed brand identities for a diverse range of businesses while also finding her own identity and setting her own expectations.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Milly shares how her personal experiences feed into her professional life as she developed from follower to leader, to determine her own unique self worth. Milly’s story shows how we can do good while we do well, and how to positively impact communities by sharing our stories.

Milly Toovey discusses her journey to finding self worth

“People who overcome adversity inspire me. Going through tough times is a given, but overcoming them can better the lives of others and that is so inspiring.”

Listen now to the full episode:

In this episode on self worth, you will learn:

  • To trust in your current position and direction
  • You are better; how to value your self worth
  • Why meeting the expectations of others, is a waste of time
  • How to set boundaries in business
  • That you can earn money and do good for others at the same time
  • How to turn chaos to freedom with a stable foundation of work
  • The power of storytelling, to share and empower
  • The benefit you get from being present in the moment

“What I love when sharing a disabled person’s story, is the fact they’re not about their limitations, it’s about what they’re capable of and the perspectives we can learn from.”

Milly Toovey and Amelia Veale discuss how to value your self worth


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Amelia xx

Want more? Join our FREE Facebook Group where we provide tools and resources to help you supercharge your digital storytelling content.

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