There couldn’t be a better time for you to invest in marketing support. Why? Because September marks 3 years of Narrative Marketing and one year of the Be The Drop podcast , and we’re offering discounts across our three core service areas: Strategy, Content, and Training.

You want to find out how to succeed in the marketing landscape of 2017 –> we’ve got a freebie training session for you!

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Affordable marketing support

Narrative Marketing is a jargon free zone. We want you to understand the services you’re paying for and we empower you to take control of your own marketing activities. That’s why we’re offering to come to your workplace to provide you and your colleagues with a 1 hour training session absolutely FREE!

Are you overwhelmed by digital marketing speak, like “SEO”, “algorithms” and “buyer persona”? You’re not alone. But this training session will help.

Learn How To Win In The 2017 Marketing Landscape…

with our FREE, 1 hour, no obligation presentation at your workplace.

We explain:

  • The most influential digital platforms in 2017
  • Why they’re important for your business
  • How to support your face-to-face business relationships with digital comms
  • How to make the 2017 marketing landscape work for you

More birthday specials

Understand your digital marketing weaknesses and opportunities…

with 20% OFF our Digital Communication Audit.

Before investing significant dollars in a digital content strategy or marketing campaign, it’s important to assess your current communication touch points, to identify and understand any key issues.

During this audit, we review key aspects of your business communication processes to determine what is working well and what needs improving. Addressing these issues will enable you to build targeted marketing strategies and deliver successful campaigns.
STEP 1– Internal Review – Business Insights
STEP 2– External Review – Customer Perspective
STEP 3– Audit Report Delivered

Share awesome video content…

with our BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Video Shorts For Social.>

These videos are ideal content for social media. You provide the script and we do the rest! What do they look like? Below is an example:

So, if you like the sound of any of the above and you want to claim your birthday special offer(s), click the banner below to get affordable, top quality marketing support and be well on your way to brand storytelling superhero status!

Marketing Support To Help You Grow Your Business In 2017 - Book Your Free Training

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