Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Need help with your company marketing strategy? Want to boost SEO for your business? Is your social media not getting results?

Today’s world is digital, and our communications are largely online. But with so many networks and channels to choose from, what strategy is going to prove effective for your business?

Nowadays, it is not enough to have a website. Successful companies harness the power of digital publishing to market to more people, boost brand awareness and loyalty, and develop thought-leadership. The end result is an improved bottom line, but it starts with a robust marketing strategy aligned to your business goals.

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>> Digital Communication Audit
>> Content Strategy – The Gold Report
>> Competitor Communication Analysis
>> Strategic Marketing Review

Multiple Benefits

  • Motivate customers to action

  • Increase sales

  • Boost engagement

  • Cultivate thought-leadership

  • Build trust & connection

  • Widen customer base

Example Strategies

  • Inbound marketing via blog

  • LinkedIn thought-leadership

  • Integrated PR campaign

  • Social media content & conversation

  • Nurture through email marketing

  • Promo video and/or event marketing


  • Digital Audit

  • Strategy development

  • Content plan

  • Online materials

  • Delivery via email

  • Follow up support

Digital Communication Audit
  • Digital Communication Audit

  • $ 1500 +gst

    Strategic Starting Point
  • Before investing significant dollars in a digital content strategy or marketing campaign, it is important to assess your current communication touch points, to identify and understand any key issues.

    During the audit, we review key aspects of your business communication processes to determine what is working well and what needs improving. Addressing these issues will enable you to build targeted marketing strategies and deliver successful campaigns.
    STEP 1 – Internal Review – Business Insights
    STEP 2 – External Review – Customer Perspective
    STEP 3 – Audit Report Delivered

    For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in our digital communication audit, contact us OR buy now to lock in your audit today!

Competitor Communication Analysis Icon
  • Competitor Communication Analysis

  • $ 650 +gst

    Reviews 2 Competitors
  • Our competitor communication analysis will review 2 of your competitors to outline and summarise the key digital communication and social marketing activities of those competitors.

    It provides valuable comparison data, indicating current industry communication practices and a benchmark for comparison to your current marketing activities.

    Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors allows you to develop communication strategies that build on your areas of advantage.

    STEP 1 – Review competitor’s website, blog and social channels
    STEP 2 – Review and rank competitor keywords and key messages
    STEP 3 – Competitor Analysis Delivered

    For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in our competitor communication analysis, contact us  OR buy now to lock in your analysis today!”

    * Please note: Additional competitors can be added into this review, we would be happy to tailor a quote for you.

Strategic Marketing Review Icon
  • Strategic Marketing Review

  • Price On Application

    Tailored to your business needs
  • The Strategic Marketing Review will document the current strategy, outline the business model and make recommendations to improve business strategy, with the aim of:

    • Improving financial performance
    • Strengthening competitive position
    • Gaining a sustainable competitive advantage over market rivals

    The review report will detail recommendations on how to improve market position, attract and retain customers, reach targeted financial and market performance.

    The strategic report will provide a detailed approach and roadmap to support your business in its actions to:

    • Attract and retain the right customers.
    • Compete against rivals.
    • Position the firm in the marketplace.
    • Bestrespond to changing economic and market conditions.
    • Capitalise on attractive opportunities to grow the business.
    • Achieve the firm’s performance targets.
    • Mitigate internal and external threats identified.

    STEP 1 – Stakeholder interviews > internal + external
    STEP 2 – Data analysis > internal + external
    STEP 3 – Competitor Analysis Delivered

    For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in our Strategic Marketing Review, contact us today!”

    * Please note: The pricing for this report will depend on the size of the business and the depth of detail your business requires.