Internal Communication Strategy

Internal Communication Strategy

Is it time for a robust internal communication strategy? Need help engaging staff in your brand story? Does your team need a morale boost? Are your departments operating in silos? Is business performance not what it should be?

A business is as complex as an individual, with as many moving parts as the human body. Internal comms are necessary to tell your business story and improve company culture, the effects of which are boosted morale, productivity and business performance.

Internal comms cannot be effective without a coherent communication strategy, and are just as essential as external marketing for the success of organisations with multiple employees and stakeholders. We can help develop the culture and values, internal brand story, and strategic direction necessary to manifest positive outcomes for your business.

There are a few internal comms services we can provide. Click the links below to see each in more detail.
>> Internal Communication Audit
>> Internal Comms Discovery Session
>> Your Business Story, Tone + Voice Guidelines
>> Full Service Internal Communication Strategy

Multiple Benefits

  • Boost engagement

  • Improve morale

  • Turn staff into ambassadors

  • Build reputation

  • Build trust & connection

  • Break down silos

  • Improve teamwork & cohesion


  • Clear internal messaging

  • Values & culture development

  • Internal marketing resources

  • Strategic report


  • Discovery session

  • Interview key staff

  • Interview analysis

Internal Comms Audit Icon
  • Internal Communication Audit

  • $ 1500 +gst

    Strategic Insights, Understanding Your Current Status
  • Before investing significant dollars in an internal communication strategy and HR activity, it is important to assess your current communications, to identify and understand key issues affecting your internal business comms.

    During the audit, we review key aspects of your internal communication processes to determine what is working well and what needs improving. Addressing these issues will enable you to build organisation wide communication strategies and deliver internal comms that inspire and motivate your staff.

    STEP 1 – Internal Comms Review – Business Insights
    STEP 2 – Internal Interviews – Staff Perspective
    STEP 3 – Audit Report Delivered

    For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in our internal communication audit, contact us OR buy now to secure your audit today!

Your business story
  • Your Business Story, Tone + Voice Guidelines

  • $ 5000 +gst

    Understanding Your Internal Culture + How To Improve It
  • Developing your unique business story, with an identifiable tone and voice, allows for many writers to represent your business. These guidelines provide an invaluable central reference to keep your internal and external voice and messaging consistent.

    Articulating your business story empowers employees with the context in which to engage customers, and also provides a consistent experience when interacting with your business; this will build your reputation as an industry leader and improves customer loyalty.

    STEP 1 – Internal Comms Discovery Session
    STEP 2 – Digital Communication Audit
    STEP 3 – Story, Tone + Guidelines Delivered

    For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in our business story, tone and voice guidelines, contact us OR buy now to secure your guidelines today!

    * Your Guidelines will be delivered as a pdf, branded with your company branding ready to circulate for immediate use.

Interna Comms Strategy
  • Full Service Internal Communication Strategy

  • Price On Application

    Tailored Communication Supporting Business Success
  • Developing a strong internal communication strategy will provide clear guidance and expectations for communication to all employees, including new recruits. It also ensures that the company culture and direction continues to thrive.

    Your internal comms strategy will provide strength and fortitude that will help propel your business forwards towards success. The strategy will make recommendations to help improve:

    • Organisation wide understanding and ownership of internal culture
    • Ability for staff to become internal brand champions
    • Employee communication with customers to drive sales

    STEP 1 – Internal Communication Audit + Business Story Identification
    STEP 2 – Stakeholder Data > Internal Comms Discovery Session
    STEP 3 – Strategic Report Delivered

    For a detailed breakdown of what’s included in our internal comms strategy service, contact us today!
    * The pricing for your strategy will depend on the size of the business and the depth of detail your business requires.