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Google-Friendly Content

Do you need more traffic to your website? Want to be found on Google? Looking for the secret to SEO success? Or simply to get ahead of your competitors? 

If so, you need a healthy website. And search engine optimised content. 

Get SEO Success

We’re digital content experts, so we’ve quickly learned A LOT about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). You could have the most creative brand, innovative products and the best business story in the world, but without SEO you risk not being seen.

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>> Website Health Check
>> Detailed Issue Reporting
>> Keyword Research + Metadata Creation
>> Digital Content Audit
>> Content Rewrite + Optimisation
>> Content Strategy: Gold Report

Multiple Benefits

  • Improve SEO

  • Rank in search results

  • Drive website traffic

  • Avoid penalisation

  • Build a strong credible website


  • Website health reports

  • SEO improvement advice

  • Thorough content review

  • Content strategy

  • Relevant + optimised content

  • Keyword list + optimum metadata

Streamlined Process

  • Consultation & brief

  • Interview

  • Keyword research & optimisation

  • Draft, review, edit

  • Delivery via email

  • Website Health Check

  • $ 159 +gst

  • Google penalises websites for numerous “health” issues. What that means is that Google ranks lower in search results the websites that have these issues; things like:

    • Critical page crawler issues (5xx and 4xx errors – e.g. server issues and broken links)
    • Missing or incorrect metadata (the information Google needs to “read” your website content)

    If you have website issues like these, your website may not get seen by your customers. So to improve your search ranking, you need to prioritise fixing these SEO issues.

    Our Website Health Check identifies all these things and more, like your current Search Visibility score compared to your competitors’.

Narrative Marketing Content Strategy - The Gold Report
  • Metadata Creation + Keyword Research

  • $ 150 +gst

    per page
  • Metadata is the essential information “behind the scenes” of your website, which allows Google to understand and rank content. Every web page needs metadata, and some might be automatically generated by your website backend.

    But there are best practices to follow with metadata. And they’re not followed when the metadata is automatically generated.

    It can be difficult to get to grips with it. So we can create the necessary metadata for you, for however many pages of your website as you like. Our service includes:

    STEP 1 – Identifying + researching relevant keywords (what customer search terms are suitable to target)
    STEP 2 – Crafting an optimum SEO title (the first thing searchers will see in Google)
    STEP 3 – Delivering a clickable + relevant meta description (the blurb that appears beneath the title, enticing people to find out more)

    Start with your highest priority pages, like your About Us page, or key services pages, and track your progress. And remember, blog posts need metadata too!

Competitor Communication Analysis Icon
  • Digital Content Audit

  • $ 1200 +gst

  • This is our comprehensive, full website and social channels review. Think of it as the complete gold standard in our Website Health Checks and Detailed Reporting.

    You need to know how well you’re currently doing online, before investing time and money into digital content. This audit assesses your current digital communication touch points, to identify and understand any key issues.

    During the audit, we review your digital content in conjunction with key aspects of your business communication processes, to determine what is working well and what needs improving.
    STEP 1 – Internal Review – Business Insights
    STEP 2 – External Review – Customer Perspective
    STEP 3 – Audit Report Delivered

    We can also include a Competitor Analysis in your Digital Content Audit for an additional $300.

    For a detailed breakdown of what’s included, contact us OR buy now to lock in your audit today!

Your business story
  • Content Rewrite + Optimisation

  • $ 260 +gst

    per page
  • Pick your priority pages (or let us choose them for you) and we will edit and optimise the copy, to make them Google and user-friendly. This service includes:

    STEP 1 – Metadata Creation + Keyword Research
    STEP 2 – Reviewing + editing page content for user-friendliness
    STEP 3 – Rewriting content for optimisation

    When we’re done with your website pages, we promise they will:

    • read better;
    • flow better;
    • engage the reader;
    • be targeted towards a buyer persona and what they’re looking for;
    • have better search visibility.