Audio marketing solutions by Narrative Marketing

Audio Storytelling

Want to be at the cutting edge of brand communications? Need an affordable and engaging way to share your stories? Want to build a loyal and engaged audience? Podcast production could be the answer you’re looking for. 

Podcast content is engaging and personal. It’s easy to consume, even while doing other things. It’s designed with the mobile era in mind. And it’s on demand. So… Should You Be Podcasting?

Podcasting is now a billion dollar global advertising market. In Australia, 89% of people are aware of the audio format and more than half of those are tuning in. It’s the ideal way to share your brand’s stories.

Integrated audio marketing

We create original podcast content for our clients. From strategy and editorial planning to creative direction and distribution, we’ll produce your podcast content from beginning to end. We’ve got heaps of experience, as we’ve been producing our own podcast Be The Drop since 2016.

We also offer integrated audio marketing solutions, including supporting video and written content to amplify your podcast. Ideal for any channel.   

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Multiple Benefits

  • Loyal + engaged audience

  • Ideal for storytelling

  • Humanises your brand

  • Cultivates thought-leadership

  • Builds your tribe

  • Cutting edge content format


  • Podcast concept

  • Scripting

  • Audio recording

  • Creative direction

  • Editing + post production

  • Packaging + distribution

  • Accompanying video + blogs

Streamlined Process

  • Consultation & brief

  • Writing, recording + editing

  • Draft + review

  • Delivery