Hello and welcome to Episode 52 of Be The Drop – a weekly podcast that investigates how to unlock your brand story, to super-charge your business.

We are celebrating two very exciting milestones this week! The month of September marks 3 years since I started my business journey, from humble beginnings as a sole trader to a company with two part time staff. AND this week’s episode marks one full year of Be The Drop podcast!!! So we have double the reasons to celebrate which is SUPER exciting.

I’m Amelia Veale small business owner and storytelling superhero. Here at Narrative Marketing, we absolutely believe in the power of telling stories, not only to learn and connect, but also to build business relationships and drive sales.

To mark these exciting milestones today I am joined by Jojo Furnival and Chris Warman the super talented team behind the scenes. We look back over what we’ve learned and sharing the insights we have developed from both the guests we have interviewed and the processes we’ve used to deliver our podcast content.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, we discuss the importance of storytelling in building customer connections, the relationship and value of both words and visuals in brand story and we reveal our top tips for how to support your in person business relationships with digital communication…

This is Narrative Marketing’s version of Be The Drop…

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