Like most entrepreneurs, Jamie  Stenhouse has experienced both highs and lows on his business journey. Head of Market Titans Agency and a fellow advocate of business storytelling, he was once a teenager with a speech impediment that saw him drop out of high school. He enrolled in an IT course to try avoid interpersonal communication. But it was when he confronted his fear of speaking in public, that his entrepreneurial journey really began.

From web design and HTML coding to founding a clothing line, Jamie has had considerable professional success through his humble keyboard. His anxiety over speaking a thing of the past, Jamie is now an inspirational keynote speaker and shares his personal story as the Stuttering Entrepreneur.

In today’s episode of  Be The Drop, we chat business storytelling, how to personalise in the automated digital world, and Jamie reveals the one thing you need to get right in order for everything to work…


“I get in front of any audience on any platform because my personal brand boosts business.”

Listen to this episode to hear Jamie Stenhouse on overcoming personal adversity to succeed in business (share this on Facebook!):

In our Jamie Stenhouse episode you will learn:

  • About super-personalised email automation
  • How the human touch can work in the digital world
  • The importance of audience research and profiling
  • About making your customer the hero of the story to take them to purchase
  • The position of pricing in your marketing mix

“Care more about your customer than you do about your company.”

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I loved chatting to Jamie about the importance of the customer and how, in business storytelling, your customer should be the hero of your story. This is what we do at Narrative Marketing. We spend a great deal of time on buyer personas and character development in order to produce meaningful stories for our business clients.

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I can’t wait for the next installment of Be The Drop, to bring you more insights into the power of business storytelling. Everything we discussed in this episode makes sense to me. But does it makes sense to you? I’d love to hear your comments! 

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Amelia xx

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