What does is take to be a good interviewer? How do you capture content in order to create a story that will take your audience on a journey – and keep them with you until the end? As a content creator and storyteller, these are questions I search to answer as I work to continually improve my interview techniques. 

Sitting down at Hybrid World Adelaide with Marc Fennell, renowned Australian radio, tv and podcast interviewer and presenter was therefore a huge honour (and also slightly intimidating!) As the anchor of SBS VICELAND’s news show The Feed, Marc has interviewed high profile people from Al Gore to Tom Cruise.

Marc also created and presents ABC Radio National‘s award-winning podcast Download This Show, so he has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share on the topics of interview techniques and storytelling. 

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Marc talks about how to take people on a journey through storytelling, why story is critical to all forms of communication, especially in today’s digital world plus he shares some top tips to improve your interview techniques. 


“Our whole way of perceiving the world, of understanding progression is through stories.”

Listen now to hear the full episode:

In this episode about interview techniques you will learn:

  • That any piece of content should be structured as a story
  • How to take people on a journey when communicating
  • How to create a unique angle for your stories 
  • The reason why being authentic is so important – the truth just sounds different 
  • What to do when an interviewee rejects the premise of your question
  • How to be a good interviewer

“We need stories to make sense of the world.”

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Amelia xx

Marc Fennell Discusses Interview Techniques with Amelia Veale

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