Curious to know what’s involved in the recording of a podcast episode? Pop Your Podcast Cherry is an interactive podcast event, a first of its kind, performed at Adelaide Fringe. The event delivered a voyeuristic experience, taking the audience ‘behind the scenes’ into the rapidly growing world of podcasting.

Host of Be The Drop, Amelia Veale, shares her podcasting experience and the knowledge she’s gained over the years producing this weekly podcast. Be The Drop Audio-technician, Chris Warman joins her on stage to discuss what they’ve learnt, and shares their top recommendations for audio equipment and podcast editing.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, recorded LIVE at Pop Your Podcast Cherry, we cover a mix of ‘how to’ podcasting tips as well as hear a very broad range of stories from the live audience at this interactive podcast event.

Interactive Podcast Event at Adelaide Fringe

Listen now, to the full episode:

This Interactive Podcast episode covers:

  • A variety of stories shared by our awesome live audience
  • Why you should start now, in the golden age of podcasting
  • Podcasting V YouTube – we share some numbers
  • Podcasting mistakes we’ve made and lessons you can learn
  • Where to start? How to start a podcast
  • What audio equipment to consider – we share our audio equipment
  • Where we found affordable podcasting equipment
  • Why we love podcasting

See what the critics have to say! Reviews for the show:

Weekend Notes by Michael Genrich

It was inclusive and encouraging, and expanded my knowledge of podcasting much quicker than I think is possible in any other way. It was funny and engaging and well worth the time.”

All Over Adelaide Arts & Entertainment by Matthew Ederly

“‘Pop Your Podcast Cherry’ turned out to be so much more then a ‘how to’ for Podcasting… Amelia Veale, of ‘Be The Drop’ Podcast, was thoroughly engaging in her role as host for the ‘show’. She had good chemistry with her guests on stage, let her love for Podcasting shine and helped the audience feel at ease from the get go.”

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