As an Afghan migrant living in a Western country, Durkhanai Ayubi became fascinated by the societal narratives that surrounded her. She often wondered who those stories were designed for, who was telling those stories, and why her face (or voice) was so often missing. Since then, Durkhanai has invested significant time learning to understand humanity through storytelling.

Durkhanai is a restauranteur and author, who recently released a book of stories and recipes from an Afghan kitchen. She is also wildly knowledgable about the human condition, the patriarchy and so much more. Born in Afghanistan, her family moved here in the 80’s and together they run Parwana on Henley Beach Road and Kutchi Deli Parwana in the city.

In episode 207 of Be The Drop, Durkhanai provides fascinating insight into the human psyche and where our need to polarise has come from. We reflect on the differences (and the similarities) between the Western vs Eastern narratives, male vs female narratives and how we can shape humanity through storytelling. 

This episode was recorded as part of the gender equality documentary, Transcending the Gender Narrative.

Durkhanai Ayubi discusses humanity through storytelling

“The more you understand about story, the more you realise it’s a fundamental evolutionary tool.

In this episode on shaping humanity through storytelling, you will learn about:

  • Durkhanai’s journey to understanding the power of narratives
  • Questions around where the idea of “othering” or “us vs. them” came from
  • The disconnection of the human race from the natural universe
  • Eastern narrative vs. Western narrative in relation to the progress of society
  • What it means to be an emancipated, liberated woman
  • Why change is not as simple as telling each other what to do
  • Durkhanai’s take on the concept of empathy
  • Why it’s important to understand that the human experience is flawed 

“We need to be ok with differences. One of the mistakes we make is to demand sameness.”

Durkhanai Ayubi interview on Be The Drop Podcast


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Want more? Join our FREE Facebook Group where we provide tools and resources to help you supercharge your digital storytelling content.

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