What are the key elements required to build a proactive community around your business, service or charity? This important question is central to the investigative journey that I have embarked on with my podcast, Be The Drop. Through my interviews with a wide range of top communicators, I am creating a roadmap for listeners who want to build their own community. In this weeks episode I flip the normal structure and instead, I am the person being interviewed! I talk with the spunky Kristen Werner about the top tips that have been shared in the episodes so far. We discuss central themes and standout communication strategies as well as new aspects the podcast will explore. This episode is jam packed with valuable insights that you can action.AV_PodCast_Photo2.jpg


The essential theme for what unites our guests and their communities is very clear – the uniting force is passion. All of my guests have had a real and large passion for what they are doing. This was very consistent across every person I’ve interviewed. It wasn’t just limited to what they are doing or the business they have created, but also in sharing it with others and finding the best possible way to share and connect and create a successful and thriving business.

Key Insight:

Be passionate about what you’re doing and about sharing this passion with the community you’re creating – it will all flow from here.

Building strong relationships to motivate.

The consistent drivers to motivating the communities into action is all about building great relationships with their tribe. Guests talk a lot about being honest, and open and vulnerable in their actions, to create transparency in their business; by using the same skills that we use in our personal lives to build relationships on a grander scale.

Story telling is also a big part of the communication pie, used to engage with the greater community to help paint a clear picture of who they are as a business. It’s the story telling touchpoint that allows new customers to connect and relate to the ethos of each business.

Key Insight:

Building strong relationships with your community will enable your customers to understand and relate to the business on a whole new level.

You’ve gotta start somewhere. Take the first step…

A waterfall begins with one drop. My communication tip is to bring people with you to help build powerful and effective communication messages. View this process as a collaborative and shared process.There is such power in positive communication however this cannot be done in a vacuum. It takes so many different waterfalls to create positive change in the world. This is where my passion lies, finding as many people as possible to join me in my quest.

Key Insight.

Rome wasnt built in a day, nor by one person. Find those around you who share your passion and engage them to help. You don’t need to go it alone.


Never stand still.

Evolution is an incredibly important part of successfully engaging with your community. Being able to adapt and transfer newer understanding of your community will be sure to keep them happy and coming back for more. The first episodes of the podcast has been a learning curve for all involved, and I’m grateful for all the feedback I’ve received. So, I’ve heard what you’ve said and moving forward I’m going to add a few questions into the mix for our guests to give you, the listener, the information that you really want to hear. Questions like:

  • How long does it take to build a community?
  • Why do we need a community? (There is a blog post coming on this too, keep your eyes peeled)

Key Insight.

Constantly look for new and better ways to serve your community, never rest on past success.

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Thank you again for tuning in and listening to the BTD podcast, I can’t wait for this next instalment to bring you more inspiring people talking about things that they are truly passionate about.

Amelia xx