Life as a small business owner and the desire to constantly achieve peak performance, can be hard. When you’re an entrepreneur or startup founder, you need to be extremely resilient. What’s interesting, and what my guest this week knows only too well, is that often, one of the main things holding us back, is ourselves.

Aaron Birkby describes himself as an “eco-system builder”. With a background of more than two decades as a successful startup founder, receiving a 2016 Entrepreneur Of The Year award, he is also a public speaker, hackathon facilitator, corporate innovation advisor, cultural-transformation leader, board member, investor, mentor, and “adventure-preneur”! As co-founder of Peak Persona and Tribe Global, Aaron helps startups and individuals to achieve their full potential.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, Aaron discusses the importance of small, personalised behaviour changes to our psychology and work habits. He provides numerous top tips that can empower us to become better communicators, healthier individuals and help us achieve peak performance.


Aaron’s episode was recorded LIVE at SouthStart in Adelaide – a convergence of humans, impact and technology. Where humans and machines create tomorrow, today. Hit this link if you’d like to learn more about SouthStart.


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