If you’ve been participating in our free SEO Basics program, this is what it’s all been leading up to: improving your Google ranking!

It’s what we all want in business; to appear on page 1 of Google without spending thousands on AdWords. So this blog post will show you exactly how to improve your Google ranking in just 5 steps… Challenge ACCEPTED!

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Improve your Google Ranking In 5 Steps

Improve your Google ranking: 5 step challenge!

Week 6 is all about putting what we’ve learned so far in this program into practice and seeing the results.

We now know how to get your business “on the map”. We have a good understanding of what SEO is and how it works. We’ve identified the most common reasons why Google is penalising your content. We know where and how to optimise page content so it ranks well in search results. And we’ve learned how to do keyword research.

Now, with all this knowledge under your belt, you can boost your website’s visibility (ranking) in Google.

No really, you can!

In fact, we challenge you to start improving your Google ranking in just 5 steps. If you follow all the steps and advice we’ve provided throughout this program, it’s totally doable.

Here’s how you do it…

What to do

STEP 1: Click to send us a request with the description ‘5 Step Challenge’. Then wait for us to reply…

STEP 2: While you’re waiting (it won’t be long), decide on 3 keywords you’d like to rank for (you’ll need to do some keyword research for this bit – here’s a reminder of how.)

STEP 3: Once we have your keywords, we will use our software to measure your current Search Visibility Score. This is your ‘before’ or baseline score.

STEP 4: Write (or update) a blog post (or existing web page) targeting each of your chosen keywords – one keyword per page – and optimise each accordingly (here’s a reminder of how.) NB: Don’t use the same keyword more than once! Writing multiple blog posts around exactly the same keyword will confuse Google.

STEP 5: Once your web pages have been updated or your blog posts have been shared, we will complete another test on your website to measure your ‘after’ Search Visibility Score.

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Improve your Google ranking in just 30 days - KAPOW!

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