Is your website traffic low? Do you feel confused or overwhelmed by online marketing and SEO? Want to improve your Google ranking?

You’re not alone. Trust us, we talk to small to medium businesses all the time who just aren’t seeing the return they need from their website. If you’re just about to launch a new website or blog, or you’re just not seeing the numbers from the one you already have in place, read on and learn how to get more traffic.

We truly believe that telling great stories is the key to making sales. However, in a noisy digital marketplace, your brand stories and key marketing messages may not be seen by your target customers. If online marketing were a game, Google would be holding all the cards.

But don’t despair! We understand the challenges well, as we’ve experienced them ourselves. So we’ve created our Online Storytelling To Generate Leads program (it’s FREE!) to share the knowledge and skills we’ve learned to help you boost your brand’s visibility online.

If this sounds good to you, read on to find out how and when you can take part…

Learn how to get more traffic to your website in this free program.

Get more traffic to your website

The vast majority of businesses online are not getting the return on their website investment. They may have spent thousands on slick design, but if their customers aren’t seeing it, that’s just money down the drain.

Discover the reasons why your website is under-performing and what you can do about it. Understand how to target new customers with exactly what they’re looking for and keep them coming back. Find out how to use your blog to get more traffic to your website and improve visibility in Google search results.

Don’t waste your words! Learn the art of storytelling online that generates leads.

This program suits all those looking to grow their business online without advertising. It’s also valuable for anyone starting out in blogging, SEO copywriting, or online marketing.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover the first thing you should do to get ranked in Google
  • What is SEO (without the jargon) and how it works
  • Why your content isn’t appearing in search results
  • How to do keyword research to target your audience
  • How to optimise your blog posts and improve your search visibility

Also included is a FINAL WEEK CHALLENGE: Improve your search visibility in 30 days!

This six week program will be delivered in our Brand Storytelling Superheroes Facebook Group. Participants will receive explainer blog posts and podcast episodes, and specially created program resources and worksheets; plus, the same tips and tools we use here at Narrative Marketing to optimise our website and get more traffic.

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