I’ve been meeting such fascinating people as part of my work putting together Transcending the Gender Narrative for channel 44; women and men that believe in having the conversation and leading change to create a better experience for everybody. My guest this week is no exception.

Anneli Blundell is a leadership expert who specialises in helping senior leaders to increase their influence, engagement and professional visibility, in order to improve leadership effectiveness. She knows more than most about gender equality in the workplace. In her time working with organisations, she has witnessed and helped to change the often unconscious gender inequality that exists in workplaces.

In episode 206 of Be The Drop, Anneli speaks knowledgeably and passionately about the unconscious bias and society backlash women and men experience every day due to their gender. She also reveals the key to good leadership, whether you’re male or female. 

Anneli Blundell discusses gender equality in the workplace

“It’s not just about believing in gender equality. It’s about how you behave in the workplace.

In this episode about gender equality in the workplace, you will learn:

  • How gender inequality exists in the legacy policies and processes in the workplace
  • Statistics highlighting men’s confusion around the existence of gender bias 
  • A bit about the invisible barriers that can negatively impact the female experience
  • Why the definition of “best qualified” in the workplace needs to change 
  • The unconsciously agreed social stereotypes prevalent in the workplace
  • How the physical environment of the workplace can support this unconscious bias
  • Why and how to break down the stress and guilt that women bear in the workplace
  • Essential qualities of a good leader, regardless of gender

“Women aren’t broken. They don’t need fixing. What we need to fix is the way women are viewed by society.”

Amelia Veale and Anneli Blundell on Be The Drop Podcast


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Amelia xx

Want more? Join our FREE Facebook Group where we provide tools and resources to help you supercharge your digital storytelling content.

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