So you have an amazing product or service and you need to find everyone who doesn’t yet know they need you. Congratulations on getting this far, 90% of startup’s don’t! Now it’s time to find those social media influencers to create influencial content and help take your brand places you can’t by yourself. No idea where to start? Or how to pick the right one? It’s not as daunting as you might think…


First things first, your brand needs a voice. The tone in which you will communicate through all your social channels. This is a non-negotiable and will create trust and genuine connection with your community. By keeping this voice and style of communication congruent across all channels the trust you’ve earnt will multiply. Take Vinomofo for example, their Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and website are all talking the same language – fun, honest, spontaneous, humorous and customer centric. Seeing their on-brand content again and again on separate platforms, creates trust and increases my chances of purchasing from them. (Which I have done, a few times!)

Once you have an identity as a brand, there are then two ways to go about connecting with influencers who’s online communities best represent your ideal customer. You can reach out to them via a multitude of talent agencies that exist for this sole purpose, you can also contact them yourself through said social channel. This can sometimes be time consuming and can limit yourself to influencers who are already in your network. (The whole point here is to reach new and different potential customers, right?)

App’s such as “TRIBE” are looking to disrupt the influencer environment by turning the tables and letting the influencers pick the brands.

TRIBE is a marketplace where brands can easily invite and brief these Influencers to activate powerful 1:1 campaigns and engage audiences they’re desperate to reach.” says Jules Lund, founder of T R I B E. “Driven by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, TRIBE is word of mouth marketing at scale.”

It’s new app’s like this now in today’s market that reward businesses with a strong identity and voice, by giving social influencers a clear sense of whether their product is something in line with their own personal brand – making #sponsored posts more acceptable to the community. With influencers then empowered to pick products they whole-heartedly endorse magnifies the influencial content, messaging and solidifies the brand’s position.

It’s this combination of a strong brand matching a strong influencers brand that creates powerful social marketing, none of which is possible without a voice to begin with. Think about who you are, what you stand for and create your communication strategies from there.



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