The percentage of venture capital funding awarded to female founded startups is incredibly low, with sources placing it at around 3 – 6% of all funds awarded. SheEO was established to address this, by creating a global community of women radically transforming how we finance, support, and celebrate female innovators.

Julie Trell is the country lead for SheEO in Australia, as well as the Global head for muru-D, a startup accelerator investing in early stage startups. Julie is well-versed in startups on a global stage, as well as having personal investment in the startup space.

In today’s episode of Be The Drop, I speak to Julie about her startup journey with Salesforce and her current work in the start-up ecosystem in Australia. Julie discusses the opportunities available to female founders, the positive and supportive communities developing, and the importance of empathy and humanism in the age of technology.

“Women need to have a different kind of conversation when looking for venture capital. Everything is broken, what a great time to be alive.”

Listen now to the full episode:

In this episode on female founded startups, you will learn:

  • The challenges females face in the entrepreneurial space
  • How risk is undervalued and avoided, where it should be embraced and sought after
  • The importance of elevator pitches and why you need to practice yours
  • How the person behind the business is the most important part
  • That the customer is the most important part of your research in product development
  • What saying “yes and…” can do for your business interactions
  • The power of the phrase “positively occupied”
  • How having high standards and ambitions actualises great things

“Empathy is my superpower, but it’s also my kryptonite. Being human means making mistakes, so let’s celebrate and learn from them.”

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