In a world where automation and less face to face contact are starting to take over, John Saldin has identified the value and business opportunities that exist in taking time to build relationships in person. Through his business, Adelaide Business Strategy, John works with a range of clients to connect them with relevant business contacts in order to help them grow their business.

The strength of John’s strategic business development is based on the importance of face to face communication, and as such, John places significant value in building interpersonal relationships. Here are John’s tips for creating a great network that catalyses connection…
John Saldin believes in the importance of face to face communication

Understand your clients’ needs.

This is the first step for John to be able to help his clients. He must understand what offering they have, and also what offerings they need. By sitting down with his clients and looking at the business as a whole, he is then able to connect others in the network that may compliment them. Without this baseline understanding of his network, he wouldn’t be able to offer the value he does. In the podcast, John touches on how he goes about this process so download and listen below.

Trust is a must.

Networking is wholly reliant on trustworthy connections. John ensures both himself, and the businesses he brings into the network, are trustworthy and reliable. He has found that all the business owners he comes into contact with, be it a local small business of a multi-million dollar corporation, all want the same thing – to trust their advisors and staff. He creates this by being true to his word, connecting businesses with others who can actually help in a meaningful way and by communicating face to face with his clients as much as possible. It’s amazing how far a coffee and a laid back chat can go to building rapport. (For tips on how to save time networking while still nurturing relationships, read this blog post.)

Be referable.

Referrals make up a majority of John’s new business. He prides himself on being referable as he knows that the best leads are always from people who have experienced his commercial value. This is such a great way of looking at customer service, when people appreciate and see tangible value to their business the chance of them referring you to someone else goes through the roof. That referral instantly carries more weight and a legacy of trust and success gained from previous work. Keep this in mind when working within your network – would I refer me?

Listen to the John’s Be The Drop podcast episode on face to face communication importance here:

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