When someone shows up as themselves, they emanate ease. Finding this purpose and creativity is a powerful example of how much one person can impact their community. Emily Beaton is an all-around beautiful human. In a short time, she has gone from professional netballer to successful small business owner. Through her custom typography, she has stepped inside the lives and lounge rooms of a whole range of different people. In today’s episode of Be The Drop Podcast Emily shares with us how she’s gone from zero to typography hero in a hot minute…


Show up as yourself.

This is Emily’s most powerful marketing tool. She is real and true to herself in every social platform she uses including her website, blog, newsletter and Instagram. The consistency of her message, as well as the voice in which the message is delivered, is what connects her community to her. Even in the early days when Emily was unsure about her own ability and the possibilities as a typographer, she showed up in her truest form and gave it a crack, listening to those around her who were encouraging her to find her passion.

Create a safe space for vulnerability.

It’s often the case that people who are coming to Emily for a piece of art have struggled through some kind of a hard time. As part of the healing process, Emily’s pieces act as an item of remembrance for a difficult time and this is something she takes very seriously. Creating a safe space for her community is something that sets her apart from other competitors, her compassion and professionalism allows her customers to be as real as they like without the fear judgement.

Be present in social media.

Emily’s main marketing tool, aside from her radiant self, is her social media presence. Her Instagram is a joyful, colourful and meaningful combination of typography, her pooch and watercolour backgrounds. She shows up as a hard working, creative, life-loving business owner who is seriously in her jam. With the approach of being consistent and front of mind when life calls for a keepsake, Emily’s Instagram stories show her personality and endear her community to her. It’s this relatability that connects with her greater community quickly.

Back it up with great customer service.

It is then her customer service, professionalism and beautiful artwork that keeps her front of mind. The initial connection really does mean nothing, if the service or offering doesn’t back it up. Emily has done a fabulous job of keeping the whole buyer’s journey seamless and efficient – a winning business strategy.


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Thank you again for tuning in and listening to the BTD podcast, I can’t wait for this next instalment to bring you more inspiring people talking about things that they are truly passionate about.

Amelia xx