The Coronavirus pandemic has been a challenging time for us all. It has pushed us to live our lives online more than ever before. For those familiar and comfortable with the digital world, changes to our everyday lives have been smaller. However for some people this has been an enormous culture shift towards digital. This is where the importance of digital inclusion comes in.

Ben Teoh is the Lifelong Learning Coordinator at the City of Marion library service. As such, he knows a great deal about the movement towards digital and how difficult it is proving for some of the population. As a digital native himself, Ben experienced the power of the social media community first-hand when he started sharing photos on Instagram of his Lego figure all around Adelaide. What began as a bit of fun turned into a journey of rediscovery of childhood play and community connection through shared nostalgia.

In episode 202 of Be The Drop, Ben discusses the need for innovation at every level of organisation, particularly as we navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Ben goes into detail about the importance of digital inclusion, and also reveals his top tip for storytelling with impact to reach and inspire your audience.

The Importance of Digital Inclusion with Ben Teoh

“People are on social media to connect and interact with friends. Sales messages are ignored in that context.

In this episode on digital inclusion, you will learn:

  • How people engage differently with social media compared to traditional media
  • A bit about the adult Lego-loving community
  • The challenges presented today for those that aren’t digitally savvy
  • Information about the Australian Digital Inclusion Index and ACCAN
  • How confidence is as much of an issue using digital as access
  • Why businesses need to consider how usable are their digital products and services
  • The power of designing communications in a format that aligns with your audience interests
  • A bit about the ideas of organisational agility and “pivot fatigue”

“We need everyone to be able to access digital. With essential services now online, we need to make sure no-one’s left behind.”

Lego Man with Ben Teoh


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Want more? Join our FREE Facebook Group where we provide tools and resources to help you supercharge your digital storytelling content.

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