Gone are the days of marketing via intense sales blasts. If you want your message to cut through in today’s market, it is critical to provide interesting and valuable content. One organisation that is at the forefront of supporting businesses to provide good content for their communities is HubSpot and in this week’s podcast episode, I chat with Dave Shepherd, Head of Channel Sales at Hubspot Australia. Hailing from the Boston, Dave brings a passion and enthusiasm to all that Hubspot stands for. 


HubSpot is an inbound marketing software company whose mission is to change the way businesses do marketing by helping them transform their websites into a place of value for prospective customers. At Hubspot, gone are the days of interruptive messages and blatant marketing tactics, they believe being helpful, integral and overall good humans is what will help their partners thrive – all traits that Dave exudes.


In todays interview we talk about how Hubspot use annual events to get face to face with their customers and why they make up an integral part of their business strategy. For anyone listening who has their own business will understand the need for highly motivated staff, Dave touches on their ‘Hubspotters’ and how they incentivise the best out of them. There are so many good business gems in here, Dave talks about his success being directly related to the success of their partners – and how being good humans is good business.


About Dave.

David Shepherd is the Head of HubSpot’s Partner Program in Australia and New Zealand. He has spent the better part of the last decade consulting with small businesses on how to improve their marketing, sales, and bottom line. His passion for helping small business owners find new customers was born out of his experience working in for each of his parents’ small businesses.


In next week’s episode of Be The Drop podcast, I interview Kerri Pottharst, Olympic Gold Medal and Super Savvy Business woman. She talks all about taking the lessons from her Beach Volleyball career and turning them into thriving businesses after hanging up her bikini’s.

Enjoy! Amelia xx

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