These days have been unlike any other. Like me, I’m sure you’re finding the frequent and daily changes to things we previously considered everyday norms, to be an incredibly surreal experience. To help support our collective COVID-19 mental health, we need to lean in and support each other – even if that needs to be virtually. 

To do our part in helping support you and our community, I’ve been compiling a range of materials that you can listen to, watch or read. Looking after each other and taking the time to actively listen to others, is how we can use this time of crisis to find better versions of ourselves. 

In episode 186 of Be The Drop, I share a range of resources and tips for how we’re working to manage both our COVID-19 mental health and links to, the online help we’re getting to manage the challenges of working from home during mandatory self isolation.

Tips To Manage Your COVID-19 Mental Health

“You’re not alone in feeling anxious or concerned but there is support available help manage our COVID-19 mental health. We’ll get through this together. “

The COVID-19 Mental Health resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Professional Mental Health Support – This list summarises the range of 24/7 Mental Health Support Services and their contact numbers to help you get expert support at any time.
  • Community Mental Health – The R U Ok Connection Cards are a fantastic idea to help you, help others.
  • Fitness – want to workout with Chris Hemsworth? He’s offering a free 6 week trial for his app Centr, if you sign up before 31st March.
  • Meditation – there is a HUGE range of options available but I use an app called Breethe, especially if I’m having trouble sleeping.
  • Happiness Course – Yale University are offering their most popular course, The Science of Well-Being, that teaches you how to be happier, as a free online course.

Self Isolation – (Trying To) Work With Kids At Home >> Resources To Help:

  • Homeschool Facebook Group – The Australia Home School Help COVID-19 Facebook group shares an incredible range or resources and activities. It’s also a great support network for others in the same situation.
  • Science ExperimentsStreet Science Australia are delivering two online science lessons / experiments per week.
  • List Of Resources – a helpful Mum who has home-schooled her children for a couple of years, put together this epic list of resources.
  • Online Education Program – The teacher of my Year 5 son has set up a range of materials for him to complete via a program called Studyladder. It provides “a comprehensive program of online educational activities for students aged 4 to 12, mapped to the curriculum.”
  • Online Library Servicesfree online learning with libraries via
  • Habits of HappinessGrowing with Gratitude is delivering their 5 Habits of Happiness Program targeted at students but with benefits for parents.

“I’d like to personally offer an open ear, I have time and a willingness to listen and help where I can. If you need help managing your COVID-19 Mental Health, please reach out. 


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Amelia xx

Want more? Join our FREE Facebook Group where we provide tools and resources to help you supercharge your digital storytelling content.

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