Be The Drop is a personal journey of passion to uncover shared traits amongst the incredible and inspirational people who have the ability to motivate others to take action. As a lover of communication that connects, I will interview people who lead collective thinking and inspire action within their community. My aim is by sharing what I learn from them, through Be The Drop, I can help create a road map for positive change and help drive positive outcomes for my community.


I am fascinated by, and want to uncover more, about the characteristics of people that inspire and motivate others. Whether that be within a business, in sharing the vision of that business and inspiring others to embrace it, or through social causes to bring about changes and improvements in our society.

Be The Drop investigates one of my core passions, what I call “collective consciousness”

Collective consciousness is a state in which people unite for a common outcome. I want to uncover what it is about certain people or teams of people who are so effective in communicating their vision, whatever it might be, that it is shared and celebrated by others.

I call this the ability to #bethedrop – which is driven by my personal love of the quote “a waterfall begins with one drop”.  In the last year I have had the absolute pleasure of working on the marketing for a fabulous new jewellery range called Candid Jewellery. A a Luminary, for this quote “a waterfall begins with one drop” my story is shared by Candid to illuminate my story of meaning behind it. This process helped clarify my passion for uncovering more about communication that connects.


I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery, to meet and talk with a wide range of people who embody #bethedrop, with the view to uncover some of the characteristics and capabilities that drive collective consciousness. Armed with this information, it is my belief that together we can make a difference and help drive positive outcomes for everyone.

Let’s be the drop together – join me in creating a communication waterfall!

Photography by Brad Griffin