How To Start A Podcast with Ahmad Saleem [Podcast]

How To Start A Podcast with Ahmad Saleem [Podcast]

Podcasts provide a unique opportunity to communicate by sharing stories on just about any topic but knowing how to start...

Become Your Own Advocate with Brittany Elmslie [Podcast]

Become Your Own Advocate with Brittany Elmslie [Podcast]

There is much to learn from other people's stories, if we take the time to stop and listen. Storytelling can...

Self-Development Through Art Therapy With Bel Ryan [Podcast]

Self-Development Through Art Therapy With Bel Ryan [Podcast]

I'm a talker; anyone who knows me can testify to that. But as a student and trainer of effective communication,...

Ditch Your Fear of Public Speaking So You Can Deliver Confident Business Presentations

Ditch Your Fear Of Public Speaking: Be Prepared!

December 14, 2017

Is your fear of public speaking holding you back? Nerves and anxiety about talking in public shouldn’t be stopping you from networking like a pro, or getting a room full of people to take notice of your product, service, or cause. I’ve had so many…

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Finding Work Life Balance - Interview With Amber Chapman

Cultivating Work Life Balance – Evolve, Amber Chapman [Podcast]

December 11, 2017

If you’ve ever experienced burn-out, you’ll understand the importance of work life balance. My guest this week, self-confessed workaholic Amber Chapman, went through this and more before establishing herself as The Business Therapist and co-founding the work-space, Evolve. Amber’s business journey has taken her from leadership…

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Steve Jobs Understood Good Communication

The Geeks Won’t Inherit The Earth, Not Without Good Communication Skills

December 7, 2017

For years now, people have been saying “the geeks will inherit the earth”. In today’s technology-centric age, it’s a fair assumption to make. But what the team here has discovered through conversations in our personal lives, at work, and on our podcast Be The Drop, is that they…

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Josh Cobb Provides His Insights On How To Build A Business

How To Build A Business – Josh Cobb [Podcast]

When I met Josh Cobb at Social Media Marketing World in 2015, I never thought that two years later I’d be interviewing the 2017 Brisbane Entrepreneur of the Year (Marketing & Events) about how to build a business. Josh began his company, Stepps, with nothing more than…

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Email Is Not Dead! EDM Marketing Is More Valuable To Your Business Than Ever

Why EDM Marketing Is Still Relevant For Your Business

November 16, 2017

In today’s crowded digital marketing landscape, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of channels out there and their constant algorithm changes (ahem, Facebook). But one communication tool that’s worth your time is EDM marketing. EDM marketing means “electronic direct mail”, or email…

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Brilliant Women In Business: Sarah Bartholomeusz Of You Legal

Top Women In Business: Sarah Bartholomeusz Of ‘You Legal’ [Podcast]

November 13, 2017

Founder of You Legal, Sarah Bartholomeusz, knows a thing or two about women in business. Winner of Telstra Business Women’s Award after only 18 months of You Legal being up and running, Sarah has also won a thought-leader award through Lawyers Weekly. Both awards recognise the…

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Guest interviews captured LIVE at We Are Podcast 2017

Convince, Convert + Automate – Be The Drop LIVE! @ We Are Podcast 2017

November 6, 2017

This week’s episode of Be The Drop is recorded LIVE! from We Are Podcast 2017 in Brisbane! The conference includes awesome speakers such as John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson of Entrepreneurs on Fire, the podcast which ignited my own journey into podcasting, so my…

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Why Blogging For Business Is So Important To Your Strategy

Why Blogging For Business Is Key To Your Marketing Strategy

Congratulations, you’ve started blogging for business! But you don’t have a team of writers or videographers behind you, and you’re not really sure why blogging for business is so important. And you’re not really a writer, truth be told, so it feels like a struggle….

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Storytelling To Build Trust - Interview With Uniti Wireless

Storytelling To Build Trust with Uniti Wireless [Podcast]

Sasha Baranikov is an expert in storytelling to build trust. Co-founder and CEO of Uniti Wireless, she knows that stories are a powerful way to convey technical information and simplify it into relatable terms. When bringing a new product to market, you must tell the…

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Storytelling In The Boardroom With Lisa Cook [Be The Drop]

Storytelling In The Boardroom with Lisa Cook [Podcast]

October 23, 2017

Like me, Lisa Cook has always had a passion for business. Not only that, but she understands the role of storytelling in the boardroom. In fact, stories are an integral component of her boardroom training business, Get On Board. As Lisa was joining organisational boards…

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