When Carly Barry-Thompson wanted to connect with like minded women she struggled to find the genuine connection she was looking for. So instead of accepting the limited options available, she began a Facebook group to foster relationships with like-minded women. From this Facebook group to now a connected and active community of women at Sass Place, Carly is empowering women to take their businesses to the next level. Here are Carly’s tips for fostering a community of female change makers…


Fear is completely normal.

Something Carly has seen and felt time and time again is a real fear in women who are innovating. The doubts, the questions, the challenges that come from stepping into the unknown are real and sometimes debilitating. Carly deliberately adorns the walls at Sass Place with quotes to inspire and motivate everyone in the space, and act as a reminder that it’s OK and normal to feel scared when pushing the boundaries. These quotes have become a clear and valuable asset to help manage fear for those within the co-working space.

She believed she could, so she did.

Self-belief is something that Carly looks to foster not only in herself, but for all of the women who are part of the Sass Place community. “She believed she could, so she did” is such a powerful message and one that the community of female change-makers is actively encouraged to embrace.Previously a personal trainer, Carly found there was a gap in the market for genuine and effective networking between women. After creating a Facebook group, this organically lead to the implementation of a online database, then creative co-working space and now also incorporates female business mentoring. I love this attitude and the determination to create something that did not exist before. Carly is an authentic female change-maker.

It takes a village to raise a business.

Support and camaraderie are the basis for a big chunk of the Sass Place business model. Carly truly believes that it takes a village to raise a business from the ground up and without this necessary support and encouragement, many businesses fail. What Carly has created is a business revolving around support – she is solving a problem that she herself experienced, and is now making a living and a difference in the business world.

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About Carly

Carly is a passionate, determined ‘doer’. She loves to help others, in particular women, to succeed in life, health and business. Carly believes in giving back to the community and working hard. She is an ideas-woman, who is constantly thinking. Carly enjoys new challenges and pushing herself outside her comfort zone. She is a problem solver who copes well when under pressure. When she sets goals, Carly will work at 110% to achieve them.

Realising that her past careers have all stemmed from a passion to support and assist others, Sass Place is the next string in her bow and one she hopes will change the landscape for women in business to grow.


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