While we want to provide the best care for our elderly loved ones, we can’t always do this when they live at home, especially if their community isn’t set up for ageing with purpose. If we chose to use aged care facilities, we want to send our loved ones to places where we know they’ll be looked after and where hopefully they can continue to flourish as they live.
The Society of St Hilarion Aged Care are exemplars for providing meaningful aged care that helps their residents flourish. With Carol Davy helming the operation as CEO, St Hilarion have continued to innovate and contribute to the active voices asking for best practice in the care of the elderly.
Carol Davy believes ageing with purpose means focusing on wellbeing in every sense of the word, and the private sector providing the appropriate care to facilitate this. Carol knows that giving people purpose means they’ll live longer, and she provides her first-hand experience in helping her clients live long significant lives.
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