We have spoken with a lot of people over the the season so far, discussing their business, marketing and areas of expertise, along with some personal insights as well.
As we begin to wrap up season 1 of the show, we have decided to look back at some of the valuable insights and advice my guests have offered.
You may recall that Erica asks the same three questions at the end of each interview.
So over the next few episodes, we will collate those answers, providing an insightful summary of the way each guest approaches them.
The first question she asks – and the one we will focus on in this episode – is who or what inspires and motivates you?
As someone who occasionally struggles with motivation, Erica is intrigued by who or what keeps others motivated.
(And she is motivated by conversations with others about their businesses and digital marketing, hence this podcast!)
You will notice some similarities between some of the answers provided, and a lot of variety as well.
We love the way the same question can incite so many answers.
If your motivation doesn’t immediately spring to mind, we encourage you to take some time to consider it. And if you are really struggling – take some inspiration from these guests!
If you have missed any of these episodes, or these grabs pique your interest for a re-listen, please do!
Check out all of these guests previous episodes and show notes:
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