When you use the infrastructure in your neighborhood or city do you think about how you would access places and services without the full use of your mind or body? The idea of an age-friendly city seems strange until you consider it deeply, it provides for people of all ages and defines an approach to serving every kind of person.
Peter Tsokas is the CEO of the Unley Council in South Australia and understands ageing as well as anyone. Peter sits on multiple advisory boards for aged care, and under his management, the City of Unley has been recognised by the World Health Organisation for their work in providing for their aged community.
Having engaged with many elderly citizens, Peter Tsokas believes ageing with purpose means living in a community that cares for your wellbeing and contributing to that community. Representing aged residents and providing them with services to help engage them in a network is explained from the Government’s perspective, and Peter recounts how he has connected his constituents to a purposeful old age.
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The Ageing With Purpose podcast is produced by Narrative Marketing who believe that storytelling can positively impact the world. Interview questions in this episode were asked by Talitha Cummins.