Physical pain is something we wish to avoid, we fear oncoming pain and it can often seem insurmountable until it passes. So when pain defines our life, it stops us from doing the things we love and spending time with the people we love.
Lorimer Moseley is the Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Chair of Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia and has spent his career researching the science of pain. His many discoveries have led him to publish books on pain and publish articles that help others understand and overcome pain.
Lorimer Moseley believes ageing with purpose means to overcome the neurological barriers of pain that stop us from interacting with others and doing the things that give us meaning. Pain science and the methods to overcome pain are explained to give agency back to those who suffer and are debilitated by pain so they can return to ageing with purpose.
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The Ageing With Purpose podcast is produced by Narrative Marketing who believe that storytelling can positively impact the world. Interview questions in this episode were asked by Talitha Cummins.