We often think that once we age to a certain point our brains start to fail us, and it’s true that the conductive sheathing around our neurons, myelin, is no longer produced after about 50 years old. But we can always shift myelin, we can always learn something new, no matter our age.
An expert on neuroplasticity, the repurposing of grey matter, Lorimer Moseley is the Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Chair of Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia and has years of experience studying the brain. He has been a lifelong learner and advocates for everyone to enjoy learning throughout life and practice the changing of our cognitive strengths over time.
Lorimer Moseley believes ageing with purpose means to be adaptive and intentional in our changes over time, especially with our minds and with our bodies. Professor Moseley takes the complex science behind neuroplasticity and gives us take home tips to adapt to an ever changing world and to be purposeful in our changes.
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The Ageing With Purpose podcast is produced by Narrative Marketing who believe that storytelling can positively impact the world. Interview questions in this episode were asked by Talitha Cummins.