Sheree Sullivan is not only Chief Executive of Adelaide Cheese Company Udder Delights, she’s a wife, mother, entrepreneur and has a degree in Jazz Piano. At the age of 21 Sheree took over the management of Udder Delights, a business set up by her parents. This meant learning how to make cheese. With not much experience Sheree taught herself by reading a lot of books, asking a lot of questions and making a lot of mistakes. 5 years later she married Saul Sullivan, together they have been a formidable force mastering the art of cheese making, passionately driving business, while having the insight to make significant changes along the way. Sheree talks about 2020, the challenges they experienced with the bushfires and how the global pandemic has affected them. She also speaks about what it was like wining Entrepreneur Of The Year, selling the business and being a behind closed doors member for 10 years!

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